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Our Services

Engle provides a full range of professional services to take your project every step of the way from Planning to Fitting-Out

Planning and Guidance

Engle provides single point contact for client development needs, together with the guidance and assistance required to steer them safely through the whole planning and development process, supported by associated companies and selected key professionals who we have worked alongside where required.

Our core team of focused, friendly and committed individuals has a wealth of experience and incorporates the provision of design, development and contract delivery for our expanding client base.

Since our earliest days Engle has always responded exactly to the needs of our business partners and clients both old and new. This remains the same ethos today as we re-establish the company in 2020. Utilising the highest levels of expertise in all phases of contract development from Project Appraisal, Concept Design, Design Development, Planning, Cost Management, and Project Implementation, to Delivery. The Engle team will guide and assist your organisation with an initial opportunity appraisal and market overview, produced with the benefit of expert and relevant design concept development within agreed budgetary constraints.

Over thirty years of Town Planning success has put Engle in the position of being one of the most successful practises for achieving approvals to its projects on behalf of its clients in its own right although we are very happy to work alongside expert planning consultants in cases of difficult or controversial sites with a complex background. To this end Engle can introduce several such consultants with whom we have an established relationship to join the project team as required.

Concepts and Designs

All projects are special; each is the result of an idea, a vision or a need to provide a service, a home or a place of work or recreation. At Engle we ensure we have developed a brief that works for you, both now and into the future no matter what size, how complex or basic the scheme will ultimately be.

Our creative thinking and no-nonsense approach to its design development and procurement will create in a collaborative way a concept that will fulfil your requirements and be financially successful both in the long-term generation of revenue or as an investment vehicle. Bringing added value to existing projects or developing new exciting ideas is what Engle is becoming known for and creating vatue through clever, cost effective, attractive and marketable design.

Our team of highly experienced and talented professionals are on hand to offer a tailored personal design service to facilitate your design and development goals. We work primarily in the UK but have considerable experience of working internationally too, having won awards for some of our retail work on the world stage, and commercial success in our business and residential schemes in countries globally from India to Iceland.

Engle are passionate about creating the best and most distinctive design possible turning the mundane or tired design into visually exciting, commercially astute and financially well balanced projects that add fundamental value to our client’s business and achieves their ultimate design aspirations.

Engle will investigate fully your development aims, aspirations and objectives. Armed with this knowledge we would thoroughly research your project and its attributes in order to fully collate atl available information regarding the proposed site, its locati on and proposed use, ensuring maximum intelli gence against which our concept can be initiated and evolved.

Initial thoughts are then presented and discussed jointly to develop a proposal in order to brief, formulate and fac.ilitate a vision and concept appropriate to both the site and your long term aspirations.

Engle’s design and preconstruction expertise will produce ideas and alternatives to be discussed and progressed jointly to form the basis of further design development and the submission of a planning application, culminating in successful project delivery or facilitation of the opportunity’s onward sale.

Project Delivery

Engle provides single point contact for client development needs, together with the guidance and assistance required to steer them safely through the whole planning and development process, supported by associated companies and selected key professionals who we have worked alongside where required.

Engle will provide you with hands-on partner accessibility to ensure your aims and aspirations develop into a feasible and financially sound project.

Should you have a building opportunity or development site that lacks an idea or concept which could transform it into project reality, why not let Engle assist you in creating and developing a vision that can be expanded upon and successfully delivered. Development can be very exciting but also complex and beset with potential obstacles on the road to success. Engle will take you confidently through the process in a knowledgeable and efficient way in order to successfully achieve both your development and financial aims.

Engle, through its partnering network of leading development and professional organisations, together with close links to major providers of investment and leasing expertise will assist in ensuring that your successfully completed project proves to be both market-friendly and fully fundable.

Fitting Out

Engle’s experience in the fitting out of interiors projects spans over 40 years. We have undertaken work for both major blue chip hospitality & retail clients across the world.

From M&S in Spain to Adidas in Holland our experience is unrivalled in the retail sector. Frequently we have been trusted to implement key flagship stores in the capital cities for these clients.

At the same time we have undertaken the first projects for major retailers in Europe such as Reebok & Lululemon where previously no physical retail store was present.

Equally our hospitality experience is with some of the major names both in the UK & globally. From Zizzi in the UK to Burger King our understanding of client needs & our ability to develop schemes efficiently has marked us out as one of the key players in the hospitality interiors industry.

We also pride ourselves that in addition to our strengths in implementation we have distinguished ourselves in being both nominated several times and winning major design awards for our work at Restaurant Bar Awards.

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